July 24, 2024
Gamr X

In just a matter of days, Africa’s most thrilling esports extravaganza, Gamr X, will kick off, bringing together the absolute best gaming talents from 18 nations across the continent. Brace yourself for an epic clash of skills in seven captivating titles: Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11), PUBG Mobile, Street Fighter, Call of Duty: Mobile, FIFA 23, Apex Legends, and Free Fire. With a massive prize pool of $15,000 up for grabs, the gamers will stop at nothing to claim their share of the glory. Without a doubt, Gamr X is set to be the crown jewel of African esports events this year.

Picture this: The date is June 17, and the stage is set at the sprawling 5,151-square-metre Eko Convention Centre in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. Prepare to be swept away by the electrifying atmosphere that awaits you. The stories emerging from the participants have already begun to capture hearts and minds. One tale that stands out revolves around Luqman “Babyfox” Suuyini Abubakar, an exceptional gamer in the Mortal Kombat 11 category and the younger brother of Mahadi “Assasin” Abubakar, who clinched the bronze medal at last year’s Gamr X. Luqman is determined to follow in his brother’s footsteps, if not surpass his achievements, as he proudly represents Ghana in this year’s continental showcase. And then there’s Harry Kappa, a teenage prodigy from Kenya, whose rise to stardom has left spectators in awe. Harry showcased his extraordinary talent by emerging victorious in the intense Kenyan Qualifiers, held at the esteemed Technical University of Kenya. This remarkable triumph secured his spot at Gamr X, marking his first major tournament victory. These captivating narratives are just a glimpse of the spellbinding stories that await us at this eagerly anticipated event.

But it’s not just the stories that have captured our attention. The organisers have gone above and beyond to deliver an unparalleled experience, highlighted by the prestigious Gamr X Summit Awards. This esteemed ceremony aims to honour and celebrate the organisations and individuals who have made a significant impact in the rapidly expanding African esports industry. On June 16, at the renowned Alliance Française in Lagos, the stage will be set to recognise outstanding contributions in various categories, including Industry Leaders, Fastest Growing Game Community, Thriving Discord Communities, Best Esports Team, Best Call of Duty: Mobile Content, Best Apex Legends Content, Best FIFA Content, and Best Fighting Games Content. With such a grand celebration of excellence, this year’s Gamr X promises to be an event that demands our complete and undivided attention.

Gamr X

In anticipation of this highly anticipated continental showcase, the organisers have curated a series of insightful talks covering a wide range of topics. These discussions delved into crucial subjects such as “Sustainability and Investment in the Gaming Business in Africa,” featuring industry experts Seyi Fakoya and Ojo Stephen. Moreover, participants also had the privilege of attending enlightening sessions like “Building a Wardrobe for Tournaments,” where experts like Toye Arogunmati, Chiwetoke Okoro, and Ayodeji Daniel shared their expertise. But the captivating offerings of Gamr X don’t stop there. With an array of thrilling activities on the horizon, including game launches, an anime festival, engaging panel discussions, captivating game exhibitions, and an eagerly anticipated surprise musical halftime show, Gamr X promises to exceed all expectations, delivering an out-of-this-world experience for all lucky enough to be part of it.

For those yearning to be part of what could potentially be the most monumental African esports event of the year, there’s still a chance to secure your complimentary tickets. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary occasion and claim your free admission now by visiting http://gamrx.net. Join us at Gamr X and become part of gaming history in the making.