July 14, 2024

Registration for the upcoming Ghana Football Association (GFA) eTrophy Championship is set to end today May 6.

The competition serves as qualifiers to make the country’s 3-member national team for the 2022 FIFAe Nations Cup which is set to take place from July 27 to 30 in Denmark.

The GFA eTrophy Championship will be in four stages which begin with open pre-qualifiers at selected video game centres across the nation from May 6 to 8.


32 gamers will then move on from the pre-qualifiers to the main qualifiers to be held at the Alisa Hotel in North Ridge, Accra on 14th May 2022.

The 3 gamers who qualify from the main qualifiers will become members of the first-ever Ghana team for the FIFAe Nations Cup and will immediately start training for the event.

The GFA etrophy Championship is being organised in partnership with the Esports Association, Ghana (EAG) whose President Kwesi Hayford spoke with EAN back in April stating his willingness to support the GFA.

“The competition is in partnership with FIFAe and what we have is logistics personnel and expertise to brand these interactive gaming experiences because we’ve done it and we’ve been doing it and if they want a national approach, we already also have members across the nation.”

“So from us, yes in a partnership role, yes in a consultation role. I mean definitely, they also have their own requirement.”

“FIFAe definitely will give out an outline as to how the event will go and that is where our priority is and then also we are in touch with the grassroots, that is the key thing. That is where we have an eye and expertise to bring on board to make successful.”

Below is the schedule for the GFA etrophy Championship;

Registration: 3rd – 6th May 2022

Pre-Qualifiers: 6th – 8th May 2022

ethrophy Qualifiers: 14th May 2022