April 21, 2024

GIS arTRYx 2023: A Celebration of Creativity and Passion


Esports Africa News (EAN) partnered with Ghana International School (GIS) for an amazing multifaceted arts festival, GIS arTRYx 2023. The festival held on March 24th was memorable learning and entertaining day for the school community with students showcasing their various talents across different roles.

arTRYx is a student-led programme combining passion projects across the Arts, Culinary Arts, Environmental Sustainability, Event Production, Literary Arts, Music & Dance and Tech. The day showcased student abilities in skilled activities including pottery, flower arrangement, fast fashion, spoken word, drama, robotics, gaming among others.


With a passion for education, EAN partnered with the GIS Robotics Club for their passion
project and exhibition. Student creations included incredible moving animals that were built in the weeks leading up to the festival highlighting the student’s potential in the field. EAN was on hand to engage with a Virtual Reality show that capitalised on the interest of participating students.

While all this was happening, there was the opportunity for some friendly rivalry among the students. EAN sponsored FIFA 23 and Brawlhala contests were organized at the student assembly grounds. Student teams went at each other and weeks of talk and bragging was settled with action. There were cheers and some heavy defeats that surely will be discussed for weeks to come. And if you’re thinking this was an all-boys affair, you’d be surely mistaken as a number of female students got their hands on game controllers and had some Mortal Kombat fun.

GIS arTRYx 2023 was indeed a truly engaging and fun filled day made especially beautiful by
the student initiative and leadership displayed. A special mention at this point to the Lower Six Event Planning Squad who were the student coordinators for the tech and gaming segments. We’re grateful to the teachers and administrators at GIS as well for the opportunity. We look forward to future events.