February 25, 2024

Hamidoria Clinches Gold at Epoch Gaming Tekken 7 Tournament


On September 16, Algerian Tekken player Hamidoria won the Epoch Gaming Tekken 7 Tournament (North Africa). This tightly contested competition, organised by Epoch Gaming TV, saw 18 of the region’s most formidable gamers lock horns in an intense battle.

Hamidoria’s journey to the coveted gold medal was nothing short of spectacular. From the early rounds to the heart-pounding finals, the Algerian gamer showcased his mastery of the game, winning over fans and fellow competitors alike.

The tournament commenced with Hamidoria facing off against formidable opponent ÔKAMi_Wing in Round 2. In a thrilling encounter, Hamidoria exhibited exceptional composure and precision, securing a well-deserved victory and setting the stage for his impressive campaign.

As the competition progressed, Hamidoria’s skills continued to shine brightly. He faced formidable adversaries such as Sayfx and Ramuh42, dispatching them with a combination of technical finesse and strategic brilliance. Each victory brought him one step closer to the ultimate prize.

However, Hamidoria’s path to glory was not without its trials. In a dramatic twist, he suffered his first and only defeat in the competition when he clashed with the formidable Sephinoctis in the Finals. The Tunisian competitor displayed remarkable resilience and skill, making Hamidoria’s quest for gold a challenging one.

Undeterred by his earlier setback, Hamidoria made his way to the Grand Finals of the tournament, determined to prove his mettle. Facing Sephinoctis once again in this high-stakes rematch, the Algerian Tekken sensation showcased unwavering determination and a remarkable ability to adapt.

In a stunning turn of events, Hamidoria rose to the occasion and outperformed his opponent, claiming a resounding victory. With a triumphant display of skill, he secured the championship title, bringing honour to Algeria.

As the dust settled on this thrilling tournament, third place was awarded to the Egyptian Ramuh42, who displayed remarkable skill and determination throughout the competition. The podium was a testament to the exceptional talent that North Africa has to offer in the world of esports.

Hamidoria’s victory at the Epoch Gaming Tekken 7 Tournament serves as a testament to the dedication and passion of esports athletes in the region. His journey from early victories to a dramatic comeback in the Grand Finals exemplifies the spirit of competition that makes esports so compelling.