February 29, 2024

Nigeria is 2nd in Top 15 Countries Interested in Web3 Gaming


Beng Beng Gaming, a marketing agency based in Asia, has released its “2023 Top 15 Countries Interested in Web3 Gaming” rankings. This comprehensive list places Nigeria as the world’s second-most enthusiastic country for web3 gaming, trailing only the Philippines, indicating the West African country’s growing interest in the field of blockchain-based gaming.

The annual rankings of Beng Beng Gaming assess global interest and investment in web3 gaming. The 2023 edition is a significant moment for Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country. It not only made the top 15, but also jumped from third to second place, demonstrating the country’s rapid growth in the NFT gaming arena.

This meteoric rise is attributed to several factors. One of which is that Nigeria’s tech-savvy population has embraced the concept of blockchain technology and NFTs with open arms. The country’s burgeoning young demographic has been quick to explore the possibilities that web3 gaming offers, from play-to-earn models to unique in-game assets.

Nigeria isn’t the only African nation to make it to the list. Kenya, another African powerhouse, secured the 10th spot. This double inclusion is a testament to the growing influence of the African gaming scene on the global stage. The continent is witnessing a renaissance in the gaming industry, with a surge in local developers, esports events, and a burgeoning player base.


Beng Beng Gaming’s recognition of Kenya’s potential further underscores the agency’s commitment to highlighting emerging markets in the world of web3 gaming. This will undoubtedly encourage more investment and development within Kenya’s gaming ecosystem.

The “2023 Top 15 Countries Interested in Web3 Gaming” list isn’t just a source of pride for the countries mentioned; it’s a reflection of the worldwide phenomenon that web3 gaming has become. The increasing popularity of NFT games has transcended geographical boundaries, connecting players and creators from all corners of the globe.

This ranking also serves as a roadmap for game developers and publishers, directing them towards promising markets and untapped potential. By aligning their strategies with regions like Nigeria and Kenya, they can tap into the immense enthusiasm and potential for growth in these markets.