February 29, 2024

Africa Games Week (AGW) has revealed yet another exciting addition to its esteemed panel of speakers for the “Empowering Education Through Esports & Casual Gaming: Unleashing the Future of Learning in Schools!” discussion. The latest name to join this prestigious roster is none other than Jaco Sauer, the Co-Founder and General Manager (GM) of RGB Gaming.

Jaco Sauer’s influence within the gaming and educational sectors is nothing short of groundbreaking. As the co-founder and General Manager of RGB Gaming, Sauer has dedicated his career to spearheading sustainable esports development within educational institutions across Africa. His multifaceted mission encompasses vital components such as coaching, compliance, and, notably, the integration of gamification into education.

Drawing from his extensive background, which includes roles as a Sales Director, Business Development Director, Category Manager, and MEA Solutions Manager, Jaco Sauer possesses a profound understanding of the intersection of education, technology, business development, and marketing. It is his unique ability to blend these domains seamlessly that has propelled him to the forefront of the African gaming and educational landscape.

Sauer’s vision for education extends beyond the conventional boundaries of the classroom. He envisions a world where learning is not only effective but also enjoyable. By leveraging the power of gaming and gamification, Sauer aims to revolutionise the educational experience for students of all ages.

Under his guidance, RGB Gaming has pioneered innovative solutions that bridge the gap between education and entertainment. These solutions are designed to make learning more engaging and interactive, ensuring that students remain motivated and excited about their educational journey.

Jaco Sauer’s presence at the “Empowering Education Through Esports & Casual Gaming” panel during Africa Games Week promises to be a pivotal moment for educators, policymakers, and gaming enthusiasts alike. This panel discussion will explore the transformative potential of esports and casual gaming in educational settings.

Sauer’s insights will shed light on how these dynamic tools can enhance the learning experience, improve academic performance, and equip students with critical skills required in the modern world. His expertise in marketing within the gaming industry will undoubtedly provide a unique perspective on the effective integration of gamification into education.

Africa Games Week has consistently served as a catalyst for change within the African gaming industry. With Jaco Sauer joining the ranks of distinguished speakers, AGW reaffirms its commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration in the fields of gaming and education.

As the co-founder and GM of RGB Gaming, Jaco Sauer’s contributions to this panel are sure to inspire new ideas, spark meaningful conversations, and drive positive change in the realm of education through gaming. His commitment to making learning enjoyable and effective aligns perfectly with AGW’s mission to unlock the potential of gaming in Africa.

Africa Games Week, the world’s largest gathering of African gaming industry leaders, will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, from November 27 to December 2. This year’s event promises to be more engaging than ever, with more networking opportunities and hands-on seminars offered by industry experts from all around the world. To get tickets for this unforgettable event, go to https://bit.ly/AGW23Tickets.