July 24, 2024

Virago creators, Honest Chronicle, have revealed that the company will be releasing its own Web3-based game in the near future.

This is according to Honest Chronicle founder Sunday Akor, who stated his belief that Web3 is the future of the African games industry and that the company plans to grab an early foothold with technology.

“So glad to announce that we at Honest Chronicle, the creators of Virago, will soon be releasing our own Web3-based game, where players will have their own wallets and be able to buy NFTs and items with the in-game tokens,” Sunday said

“We believe the Web3 gaming industry is going to be the future, so we plan to establish our positions early. Blockchain gaming originated with Axie Infinity, attracting a growing audience worldwide, and it has since shown us the potential of a web3 game.”

“Currently, seeing as the web3 gaming industry is still growing, it is a crucial moment for us because we would like to create a game that an entire generation of gamers worldwide will love to play,” the Honest Chronicle CEO further stated.

No details about the game have been revealed, but the images released by Honest Chronicle reveal that it will be another iteration of their popular hyper-casual 2D-platformer Virago, where gamers will have access to an in-game shop where they can buy power-ups and cosmetic items.

Honest Chronicle is a Nigerian game developer that has seen a lot of success with their 2D platformer game Virago, which has impressed in the past couple of months since its release back in March on Steam, where it received mixed reviews with 56% of gamers recommending the game.

The mobile version of the game would be worked on and improved by its developer, Sunday Akor, before its release, where it would achieve the number 10 spot in the Google Play Store‘s top new free games in the United States (US) back in May.

Virago’s impressive run has seen its developers, Honest Chronicle, reveal that they are currently working on a 3D version of the popular hyper-casual 2D adventure platformer.