February 29, 2024

Lewis Appiagyei to Race for Esports Africa News for $10,000 Donation in Genesis Tournament


UK-born Ghanaian sim-racer Lewis Appiagyei is set to showcase his passion for esports in the upcoming Genesis Tournament hosted by Saltwater Games (SWG). The tournament promises a grand prize of $10,000, which Lewis has pledged to donate towards the growth and promotion of esports in Africa through Esports Africa News (EAN).

Lewis Appiagyei has been a driving force in championing sim racing on the African continent, making him the perfect ambassador for EAN’s mission. Back in 2022, EAN forged a groundbreaking partnership with the professional sim-racer, who has been a mentor and a proud member of the Esports Association, Ghana (EAG). Since then, Lewis has tirelessly advocated for the development of esports in Africa, empowering the region’s aspiring sim racers and gamers.

Saltwater Games (SWG), a global game studio and technology ecosystem, has emerged as a major player in the gaming industry. Their mission to merge the physical and virtual worlds for competitive gaming, education, and social impact resonates well with Lewis Appiagyei’s commitment to making a difference in the African esports landscape.

The Genesis Tournament hosted by SWG marks a significant milestone as it highlights the launch of their revolutionary Celeros metaverse. This mixed-reality racing world offers a breathtaking, immersive experience for gamers, where they can participate in play-to-impact motorsports gaming. SWG’s innovative and decentralised ownership structure ensures that gamers are engaged and rewarded, fostering a sustainable ecosystem that prioritises fun and longevity.

A standout feature of the Celeros metaverse is the highly anticipated AirspeederXR, the world’s first gaming series for electric flying cars. This groundbreaking innovation allows gamers to translate their earned rewards into tangible contributions to real-world social and environmental impact projects. Lewis Appiagyei’s involvement in the Genesis Tournament brings immense significance to this initiative, as the $10,000 donation will have a profound effect on Esports Africa News (EAN) and their tireless efforts to expand esports in Africa.

The Genesis Tournament is expected to draw sim-racing enthusiasts and esports fans from all corners of the globe. As the event approaches, anticipation grows for the clash of gaming talents in the immersive world of Celeros. Lewis Appiagyei’s participation has ignited hope and excitement in the African esports community, as they eagerly look forward to seeing their representative shine on the global stage.

With the support of Lewis Appiagyei and Saltwater Gaming’s visionary approach, the future of esports in Africa is bright. The $10,000 donation to Esports Africa News (EAN) promises to fuel their efforts in promoting esports on the continent, inspiring the next generation of gamers, and driving positive change through gaming. As the Genesis Tournament draws near, the world watches with bated breath to witness the impact of Lewis Appiagyei’s passion for esports and his drive to empower Africa’s gaming community.