July 24, 2024

On January 14, Nixuh, one of the leading South African esports organisations, rocked the gaming community with the announcement of their newest co-owner, none other than Thea Booysen. Known to her fans as TheaBeasty, this American-South African personality has been a formidable force in the gaming world, carving her niche through captivating content on YouTube and Twitch.

However, Thea’s influence extends beyond the virtual realm. As the significant other of the renowned YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, famously known as MrBeast, Thea Booysen brings a potent blend of international clout and gaming expertise to Nixuh, signalling a thrilling new era for the South African esports scene.

At the core of Thea’s gaming prowess lies her expertise in card games, with a particular emphasis on Gwent. Boasting an impressive following of 32.2K subscribers on YouTube and 28.3K followers on Twitch, Thea has solidified her position as a leading figure in the gaming community. Taking to X (formerly Twitter) to share the monumental news, Thea declared, “I’m proud to announce that I am now an official co-owner of Nixuh, the best gaming org in South Africa.”

In a passionate call to action, Thea extended a warm invitation to potential members of the Nixuh team, expressing, “Too many of our incredible, hardworking influencers fall through the cracks. Well, I say no more!” Her commitment to nurturing talent and creating opportunities for aspiring gamers underlines her dedication to fostering a vibrant gaming community within Nixuh.

Beyond her role as a co-owner, Thea Booysen is a multifaceted talent. An Elgato partner and a professional esports caster, she has proven her mettle in various facets of the gaming industry. Adding another feather to her cap, Thea unveiled her debut young adult fiction novel titled “The Marked Children” in August 2022, showcasing her prowess as an author.

Delving into her background, Thea’s Amazon author profile reveals that she hails from Cape Town, South Africa, where she was born and raised. Armed with degrees in law and psychology, she is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in neuropsychology, showcasing her commitment to both her academic pursuits and the gaming world.

The inclusion of Thea Booysen as a co-owner injects a fresh wave of energy and innovation into Nixuh, affirming the organisation’s commitment to excellence and diversity. As the South African esports scene evolves, Thea’s unique blend of international influence, gaming expertise, and passion for fostering talent positions her as a pivotal figure in the continued success of Nixuh.