June 22, 2024

Ronny Lusigi Unveils an Ambitious 2024 ESKF Roadmap

Ronny Lusigi

In a recent publication on Nation.Africa, Ronny Lusigi, President of the Esports Kenya Federation (ESKF), outlined the organisation’s strategic objectives for 2024. Lusigi emphasised the federation’s paramount goal for the year—to formulate a comprehensive regulatory framework governing esports practices in the country. He articulated that this initiative aims to establish “a secure and inclusive environment, free from abuse and discrimination, and in compliance with both the Kenyan and Global Esports Federation laws.”

Lusigi and his team also revealed that they plan on expanding the reach of Kenyan esports beyond Nairobi, the capital city. They’re keen on discovering fresh gaming talent and implementing programmes to support players, teams, and tournament organisers. Of particular note are initiatives focused on high-performance training, set to elevate the calibre of gamers in the country, along with participation in international tournaments. All of this is aimed at gearing up for the 2024 Global Esports Games in China this December.

The Esports Kenya Federation (ESKF) President also revealed that the federation is strategically working towards establishing Kenya as a prominent host for both regional and global esports competitions and is looking to host the inaugural Africa Esports Championships. According to Lusigi, the Kenyan Ministry of Sports in Kenya is fully on board with this plan, showing strong support for esports to grow in Kenya and across Africa.

After working on a temporary basis for years, the ESKF has now been officially established. Lusigi was elected President of the federation on September 27, 2023. Alongside the newly elected executives, including Ann Odhiambo (Vice President), Omar Sadique Mohammed (Secretary General), and Brian Ochanda (Athlete Representative), they pledged to “come up with a proper strategic plan and put our athletes at the centre of everything we do.”

I’m eagerly anticipating the unfolding of their plans for the upcoming year, with a keen interest in their strategic initiative to extend esports competitions beyond Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. This expansion is poised to unearth and cultivate additional talents in the sport from various regions across the country. The prospect of witnessing the emergence of fresh faces and skills in diverse locales is indeed compelling.

It’s also reassuring to note that Lusigi recognises the importance of strategic partnerships for the success of the federation’s plans. To ensure a solid foundation, collaboration with the Kenyan government, social institutions, media, corporations, publishers, sports federations, and the National Olympic Committee of Kenya is crucial. Additionally, it would be important for Lusigi to address and unite the various factions within Kenya’s esports community. Notably, there’s an ongoing Change.org petition questioning the legitimacy of his presidency and the overall organisation of the Esports Kenya Federation (ESKF) within just a month of his leadership. This internal cohesion is vital for the growth and credibility of ESKF.