April 21, 2024

Kenyan developers, Mekan Games, creators of the hugely successful hyper casual mobile game “The President”, will not be resting on their laurels and will be pushing themselves to reach greater heights.

This is according to Mekan Games’ founder, Evans Kiragu, who was speaking exclusively to EAN, stating that despite their game “The President” reaching No.1 in the Top Charts on both the Google and Apple Stores, the company is still looking to push themselves to achieve even greater.


“I think the thing is that you do this one thing and it works really well, but you are very much aware that you are constantly learning,” the Mekan Games founder stated.

“Even as early as this morning, I was playing a game, just a survey of seeing what is currently in the market, and I loved how they did their execution, and that is something I want to emulate and also bring into my team, my company, and have us do things that way.”

“So it is a creative space, and everyone is always coming up with insanely creative ways of doing things, and it is a learning process for everyone. I don’t think anyone is anywhere they want to dwell for the next ten years.”

Mekan Games is currently looking to hire a Unity 3D Game Developer, a 2D & 3D Game Artist, and a Junior Game Researcher/Intern hinting that the company could be developing a brand new game something Evans confirmed in his interview with EAN.

“We are working on a few games, some highly promising games so I think we will be repeating this very very soon.”

“I can’t share [the details] but I can tell you it is going to be equally exciting and the moment we start climbing the top charts then we can start sharing what the concept of the game is and all those things.”

“We are excited about it, we are working on it very hard and I think in the coming few months we should have something topping the charts again.”

Evans also revealed that they will be working with “The President” publisher, CrazyLabs, whose first South African Crazy Hub Initiative held back in May led to the creation of the hit game.

“CrazyLabs remain our number one publisher at the moment and I believe it is a partnership that will continue for quite some time,” he said in an exclusive interview with EAN.