July 20, 2024

RGB Gaming and its partner ESPORTS AFRICA TOURNAMENT has joined forces to showcase the benefits and opportunities of esports in education through an initiative called Redstone Royal Africa. It introduces the concept of esports in a competitive field using Minecraft, and how it can enhance learning, socialization, and skill development. It also connects esports to STEM careers and shows how students can be empowered through this dynamic field.

The Redstone Royale Africa initiative, which is a tournament for schools across Africa to compete in Minecraft Education is a structured tournament, which consists of three stages: internal, country, and finals and assists educators with the initiative to unlock the power of esports in education and in their community.

The initiative also offers two modules for educators to learn more about esports and Minecraft Education. The first module guides educators through creating an equitable and diverse esports program, while the second module dives into the world of competitive gaming using Minecraft Education. The modules aim to help educators engage key stakeholders, foster student leadership, establish an esports classroom, and sustain an esports ecosystem.

Redstone Royale Africa brings together schools from six African countries to compete and learn on a digital platform. Each country has a unique team name and a themed realm that reflects their culture, history, and values. The countries are, South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, and Tunisia. The benefits of Joining are ,students can experience the excitement of international esports, access educational resources and coaching, and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through Minecraft’s dynamic platform.

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