July 24, 2024

T7D Gaming & Al Aan TV Forge Groundbreaking Partnership

In a monumental stride for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) gaming and esports industry, T7D Gaming—a product of entertainment esports organisation Galactech—and Dubai-based pan-Arab satellite channel Al Aan TV have officially joined forces, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to pioneer projects that will redefine the esports landscape in the MENA region.

T7D Gaming, renowned for its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge esports solutions, is set to usher in a new era of entertainment in collaboration with Al Aan TV. The strategic partnership aims to provide a platform for gamers in the MENA region to showcase their skills on a global stage, elevating esports to the forefront of entertainment in the Arab world.

With a global vision, T7D Gaming focuses on creating immersive gaming experiences for users worldwide, particularly in underserved regions like the Middle East and North Africa. This collaboration with Al Aan TV reinforces the company’s dedication to bringing top-notch gaming entertainment to diverse audiences and fostering a sense of community through technology.

Al Aan TV, a prominent player in the media landscape of MENA, is poised to embrace a digital-first approach through this collaboration. Leveraging T7D Gaming’s expertise in crafting immersive digital experiences, Al Aan TV aims to captivate its audience with innovative and cutting-edge content that seamlessly blends the worlds of gaming and traditional media. This collaboration signifies a forward-thinking move by Al Aan TV, to stay at the forefront of evolving viewer preferences.

The partnership between T7D Gaming and Al Aan TV brings together two industry leaders united by a shared commitment to innovation and quality. By merging T7D Gaming’s prowess in creating immersive gaming experiences with Al Aan TV’s established presence in the MENA region, the collaboration is set to introduce groundbreaking esports initiatives catering to the diverse interests of Arab audiences.

Houcem Maiza, CEO of T7D Gaming, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Al Aan TV to bring the world of esports to the forefront of entertainment in the MENA region. This collaboration represents a significant step towards realising our vision of creating immersive gaming experiences for diverse audiences.”

Alaa Bou Ajram, Commercial Manager at Al Aan TV, echoed the sentiment: “Our collaboration with T7D Gaming is a testament to our commitment to providing content that resonates with our viewers. Esports is a dynamic and rapidly growing industry, and we are excited to explore new avenues that merge gaming and media, creating a unique viewing experience for our audience.”