February 29, 2024

Misfits Gaming launches female & non-binary focused tournament


Multiregional esports organisation Misfits Gaming Group has unveiled the Misfits Gaming Valorant Invitational, which is set to showcase female and non-binary talent by providing them with the chance to grow their skills and compete at a high level.

The event is set to take place from August 22-23 and will feature a total prize pool of $20,000. The Valorant Invitational will be broadcast live on the MGG Twitch channel. Selected players will also stream the event from their accounts.

The Valorant Invitational will bring together a mix of female/non-binary and male players on co-ed teams to create a new ecosystem—different to the one provided by VCT Game Changers.

Participants for the upcoming Misfits Gaming event have yet to be revealed. However, according to the release, the captains of each team will be VCT Game Changers players.

Hair colour brand Splat has been announced as the title sponsor of the Invitational, which will also feature gaming peripherals brand Hyper X, non-profit organisation Equality Florida and energy drink brand XS Nation. The last two are the recent additions to Misfits Gaming’s roster of partners, which also includes TezosBlinkfire Analytics, and SPORTFIVE, amongst others.

In 2022, the esports organisation launched a VCT Game Changers team, Misfits Black. With the launch of the Invitational, it seems that Misfits Gaming continues to recognise that Valorant is a developing title amongst female and non-binary competitors and is now taking a step further in terms of gender inclusivity in esports.

Since 2021, Riot Games has spearheaded female-focused events—primarily through the launch of the VCT Game Changers series, which has not only created positive experiences for women in esports but also raised conversations around diversity and inclusivity.

Earlier this year, the movement also expanded to other titles, with UMG Gaming launching the Lady Spartan Pro Series (LSPS) for the female Halo community.

Source: ESI