April 22, 2024

Sayo Owolabi, co-founder of African esports and mobile gaming platform “Mobiele,” took part in GreenHouse Capital‘s Microsoft Scale-Up Accelerator Programme, which wrapped up on Sunday, July 10 in Lagos, Nigeria.

The 8-week programme brought together 13 start-ups across East and West Africa selected to participate in the Scale-Up Accelerator Programme. The programme provided the start-ups with access to new markets, technology infrastructure, technical skills, and funding opportunities to scale their solutions. 

Speaking about his experience with the event, Sayo Owolabi thanked GreenHouse Capital for giving him the opportunity to partake in the event. “Thanks to Oluwadunni Fanibe and the entire GreenHouse Capital Africa team for the opportunity.”

“For us at Mobiele, as the only GameTech, we believe we have opened the door for more gaming and esports solution providers to access what hitherto they usually are passed off on in an ecosystem dominated by fintech and others.”

“Now the journey to the next level begins as we help Africans evolve their gaming experience.” the Mobiele co-founder further stated.

The Microsoft Scale-Up Accelerator Programme was wrapped up by the CEO of Nomba, Adeyinka Adewale, who shared his journey from Kudi to Nomba and his experience with Y Combinator.

“Always be in a position where you do not have to fundraise. It gives you more freedom and leverage to get better deals. It is also essential to build a strong community around you – that is, people who can speak positively about you and your brand when called upon.” Adeyinka advised the founders

Sayo also gave his thoughts on the final day of the programme stating that it was “a good way to wrap up 8 enlightening weeks on the Microsoft Scale Up Accelerator Programme with all the amazing founders [from] West Africa building some innovative tech-driven products and services.”