July 14, 2024

Ghanaian esports giants, PlayProvince, have announced the signing of Madden gamer Baba “Reekz” Kassim.

Reekz’s signing comes as a surprise as the Madden community in Ghana is not as active as other gaming communities that the PlayProvince team has yet to enter.

However, in an interview with EAN, PlayProvince Team Manager, Kweku Hammond, revealed that the team is looking to push the Madden space in the country.

“Here at PlayProvince, one of our goals is to expand our team in all genres of games in the esports industry.” Kweku said, “As a result of that, we want to push the Madden space here in Ghana. There’s just a little light on it as of now.”

Herbert Henry Krakue, CEO of PlayProvince, also spoke about the decision to launch a Madden team, revealing that the team would like to collaborate with traditional sports.

“Recently, the NFL held their first official African Developmental Camp and Fan Event in Ghana, and we at PlayProvince would like to push NFL esports in the country as part of our vision to work hand in hand with the traditional sports to develop esports in Ghana.”

A fan poses with a football at the National Football League NFL fan zone event at the Kempinski Hotel on Sunday, June 26, 2022, in Ghana. (Nipah Dennis/AP Images for NFL)

Speaking about their newest signing, PlayProvince Team Manager, Kweku Hammond, stated that he is “one of the best [Madden gamers] in Ghana.” He also revealed that the team will be looking to add one or two more gamers to their new Madden team.

Reekz joins a PlayProvince team known for its development of talent and dominance in local competitions. An example is the team’s FIFA gamer, Prince Jonas, who credits the team for his domination in the Ghana FIFA scene, which has seen him claim the Ghana Football Association (GFA) eTrophy Championship crown as well as become the first member of Ghana’s first-ever FIFAe Nations Series team.