April 25, 2024

NESA Qualifiers Round-Up & Congratulations! 

NESA hosted an electrifying round of the Namibian National Esports Qualifiers in preparation for the World Esports Championships, courtesy of our proud sponsor, MTC. After 5 hours of intense competition, the esports talent in Namibia shone brightly, showcasing skill, strategy, and sportsmanship.

🥇 First Place: Mandume “Vasilias” Kaukungwa (Middle)

🥈 Second Place: Tommy “King Ikela” Ikela (Left)

🥉 Third Place: Luka “El_Vasquinho” Bauleth (Right)

A huge shoutout to our winners and all participants for making this qualifier a success!  With a total prize pool of N$3500, our e-athletes not only battled for glory but also for impressive rewards.

Looking ahead, the journey continues with the second qualifier set for the 6th of April 2024, at the same venue, from where the top 8 e-athletes will advance to face off at the Namibian National Qualifier Finals for the eFootball™ series. The chosen National e-athlete will carry the flag in representation of Namibia on the international scene.

NESA is dedicated to promoting diversity and excellence in esports. We strongly encourage female e-athletes to participate as we aim to elevate esports within Namibia. Let’s gear up for the next qualifier and continue to support our e-athletes!

For more information on the Namibian National Esports Qualifiers and to stay updated on the schedules and results, visit NESA’s official website and follow their social media channels, or contact the NESA President: Flip De Bruyn: 081 141 5100 or [email protected]. The road to Riyadh begins in Namibia, and the nation watches eagerly as its e-athletes prepare to make their mark on the global esports arena.

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