July 21, 2024

Ninja Game Guild: Bridging Continents Through NFT Gaming


In an exclusive interview with Esports Africa News (EAN), the CEO of Ninja Game Guild, Akira Komiya, revealed the ambitious mission behind his Africa-centric gaming guild. Ninja Game Guild is on a mission to address societal issues by forging a connection between Japan and Africa through the world of NFT games. The guild is operated by GUILD Inc., which is dedicated to promoting the NFT Game Guild and fostering business ties between Japan and Africa.

Ninja Game Guild is headquartered in Japan. However, according to Akira, the heart of their gaming communities beats in Africa, specifically Nigeria. Akira also revealed that the organisation doesn’t limit itself to a single gaming genre, highlighting its involvement in blockchain games, battle royale, and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games.

Ninja Game Guild places a significant emphasis on community building and mentorship. Akira shared his commitment to teaching newcomers to blockchain games, starting from wallet creation to actual gameplay. Within their community, members actively engage in mutual learning and support, fostering a culture of growth. “For those who have no experience in blockchain games, I teach them from creating a wallet until they play the game. Basically, we try to teach each other within the community.” The Ninja Game Guild CEO said.

Speaking on recruitment, Akira explained that the Ninja Game Guild aims to increase earnings and build strong relationships with their players to retain talent, stating, “We are conscious of increasing the rate of return on earnings and communicating and getting to know each other.”

Ninja Game Guild believes in the strength of community. Their approach involves creating a supportive sub-community that exchanges information, onboards new players, and facilitates daily interactions. They believe that from this community will emerge not only skilled players but also future community leaders.

Looking ahead, Ninja Game Guild envisions a future where blockchain technology becomes a cornerstone of the African gaming landscape, serving as a new internet infrastructure. They aim to see more people sustain their livelihoods through blockchain games and existing titles. Komiya’s wish is for Ninja Game Guild to become widely recognised, and he welcomes anyone interested in blockchain games and Japanese games to join their thriving community.