July 14, 2024

NinjaGameGuild announce new partnerships


NinjaGameGuild, a game guild active mainly in Africa, has formed a partnership with Tottori Esports Association and esports trading company REEV.

Since the beginning of 2021, many users have been exposed to the prosperity of NFT’s games and game guilds.

In game guild management, it is necessary not only to provide NFT to community members but also to create a community where community members can play games comfortably and educate users.

NinjaGameGuild will contribute to solving economic poverty in Africa by providing NFT games and an optimal gaming environment for community members.

The Tottori eSports Association is also attempting to solve social problems in Africa by forming strategic alliances with the Nigeria Esports Association and the African Esports Federation, as well as hosting “TOTTORI NIGERIA ESPORTS DAY 2021.”

Furthermore, REEV Corporation, an esports trading company run by Tottori Esports Association Chairman Yusuke Watanabe, operates a professional esports team, “Team REEV,” in Kenya and Nigeria, an esports and education business, “Gaming English Conversation,” and Africa’s largest slum program, “Kibera Slum Program.”

The company is pursuing all the possibilities of esports, including education and esports experience events, and is engaged in business activities to solve social issues around the world.

With this partnership, NinjaGameGuild hopes to strengthen the exchange between NFT games and esports, provide an optimal community environment for “Ninja Game Guild” members, and solve more social issues in Africa in the future.