June 22, 2024

A leading UK consultancy firm, celebrated for its impact on esports and education, is excited to announce a significant sponsorship and strategic partnership with CZY Esports, an innovative Esports Entertainment and Apparel company from Kenya. This partnership aims to unlock the potential of esports talent in Africa, promoting enduring growth, sustainability, and legitimacy throughout the industry.

CZY Esports, recognized for its dynamic and inclusive approach in the esports realm, has played a pivotal role in creating career paths and connecting players globally. The new sponsorship deal with Ntesports Ltd. marks a key achievement in their quest to establish a lasting and inclusive esports ecosystem in Africa.

Wesley Kanyeria, Business and Marketing Manager at CZY, underscores the partnership’s significance: “Our goal is to draw wider participation, investment, and support from fans, sponsors, and stakeholders all over the world. Teaming up with Ntesports is an essential move towards realizing our lofty objectives for the esports sector in Africa.”
Nik Turner, the Founder and Managing Director of Ntesports, shared his excitement about the alliance: “Our agreement with CZY goes beyond conventional financial sponsorship. It signifies the start of a joint effort to enhance and diversify our international sponsorship portfolio, with a focus on mentorship and business development to broaden CZY’s influence and reach.”


Ntesports has a history of supporting grassroots esports, with various UK teams and the Chicago-based Take Back Control reaping benefits from its sponsorships. The partnership with CZY Esports represents Ntesports’ first foray into the African continent. Turner’s involvement with the Esports Trade Association and his subsequent engagement with key African figures, including meetings with CZY’s CEO Allan “Serge” Kimani and COO Johan “Jevaney” Mackboush, has set the stage for this promising partnership.
Both entities are united in their mission to propel the esports industry forward with integrity, teamwork, and innovation. Ntesports, known for its educational contributions, has broadened its scope to bolster grassroots esports worldwide.

The collaboration with CZY is in perfect harmony with Ntesports’ objective to foster talent and encourage inclusivity in the esports field.”Nik Turner stated, “Allan and the CZY management team embody our fundamental values and our vision for esports’ future. This partnership extends beyond financial aid; it’s about fortifying CZY with mentorship and business development as they expand their reach. We are enthusiastic about the upcoming projects and the influence this partnership will have on Africa’s esports scene.”