July 21, 2024

Camden’s 20-year-old racing sensation, Lewis Appiagyei, is poised to take centre stage as the first STEM ambassador for Espire, the innovative ‘STEM on Track’ school race initiative.

 STEM On Track is a year-long programme that empowers students to build their own Racing Kart, discover the applied STEM theory behind it, and race it in the Grand Finals against other competing schools. Complementing this hands-on experience is an online learning platform.

 that enriches the students’ educational journey. The culmination of the program features a thrilling finale where the karts built by the schools will compete against each other.

 Lewis’ story came to prominence through his starring role in the award-winning BBC documentary series ‘Born To Race’. Which showcases the journey of two aspiring young black racing drivers and the obstacles they overcome in their pursuit of success.

Having started racing go-karts at the tender age of 7, Appiagyei has since established himself as a notable figure both on traditional tracks and in the realm of sim racing, securing numerous track records, trophies, championships, and even setting a Guinness World Record.

His achievements have garnered recognition in the media and earned him a coveted spot in the Forbes Africa ’30 under 30′ list. While Appiagyei remains focused on advancing in higher racing formulas, he recognises the importance of supporting initiatives that make STEM education accessible to students at all levels.

His passion for fostering a diverse talent pool aligns with Espire’s goal of encouraging students to engage with engineering and racing. Appiagyei’s own experience in a similar programme during secondary school uniquely qualifies him as the ideal brand ambassador for Espire. Together, Lewis Appiagyei and Espire aim to inspire a new generation’s interest in engineering and racing, contributing to the ongoing success of British motor racing on the global stage