April 25, 2024

Paper Rex Announces Exclusive YouTube Membership Programme


Singaporean esports powerhouse Paper Rex is breaking new ground with the launch of its exclusive YouTube membership programme, set to debut later this month. For a monthly fee of S$7, subscribers will gain access to a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes content and “uncensored” insights previously hidden from public view. The organisation’s move taps into YouTube’s built-in membership feature, offering dedicated fans an intimate look into the world of esports like never before.

Founded in 2020, Paper Rex has rapidly become a formidable force in the esports arena, particularly in VALORANT, where they boast a prominent presence. The organisation holds the esteemed title of being a partner team in the VCT Pacific League and recently secured second place at this year’s VALORANT Champions event held in Los Angeles. The decision to launch this membership programme underscores Paper Rex’s commitment to fostering a deeper connection with their fanbase and elevating the esports experience.

Paper Rex’s YouTube membership initiative takes a cue from other fan engagement platforms like Patreon, leveraging the existing YouTube infrastructure to provide exclusive content and experiences for subscribers. While YouTube’s membership feature was introduced in 2018, its adoption within the esports industry has been relatively limited until now.

The membership programme’s offerings extend beyond the typical, including access to candid behind-the-scenes footage, unfiltered player interactions, and match-day communications. Fans hungry for an immersive esports experience will undoubtedly find this subscription well worth the investment.

Paper Rex’s foray into the world of membership programmes follows their strategic partnership earlier this year with renowned gaming furniture brand Secretlab. This collaboration further solidified their position as a frontrunner in esports, joining the ranks of official partners such as Zowie, Dreamcore, HyperX, and YOU•C1000. With each partnership and initiative, Paper Rex demonstrates its unwavering commitment to enhancing the esports ecosystem.

While Paper Rex has unveiled its YouTube membership programme, specific details remain shrouded in secrecy, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the September 23, 2023, launch date. The organisation has revealed that there will be only one tier of subscription, ensuring that all members have access to the same premium experience.

Paper Rex joins an ever-growing list of esports organisations that are investing in fan engagement ventures. For instance, the renowned VALORANT-focused organisation Sentinels established the SEN Society fan engagement platform, offering exclusive merchandise and content for a flat monthly fee. Likewise, Team Liquid introduced Liquid+, and G2 Esports boasts its “premium membership” app programme, each designed to enhance the fan experience.

Beyond organisations, North American streamer Disguised Toast has made his mark in this space, creating a Patreon to support his team, Disguised. The funds generated from Patreon are funnelled back into the organisation, illustrating the impact and potential of fan-driven support in the world of esports.

As Paper Rex ventures into this exciting new territory, the esports community watches with bated breath, eager to see how this membership programme will redefine the boundaries of fan engagement in the industry. With the promise of exclusive access to the inner workings of the esports juggernaut, the subscription fee of S$7 seems like a small price to pay for an up-close and personal look at the world of Paper Rex.