May 20, 2024

Play Games Africa Joins Africa Games Week to Ignite Esports Enthusiasm and Economic Opportunities

Play Games Africa

Play Games Africa (PGA) is set to make its debut at Africa Games Week, bringing together gaming enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders to explore the burgeoning world of African esports. This exciting addition to the event aims to highlight the significance of esports, both in professional circles and among casual gamers.

Scheduled to take place from November 27th to December 2nd, 2023, at Workshop 17 in the picturesque V&A Waterfront of Cape Town, South Africa, Play Games Africa promises to be a pivotal gathering for the African gaming community. With a wide range of activities and discussions, the event aims to shed light on various aspects of the esports industry.

One of the key focuses of PGA is the exploration of the business side of esports. Participants will have the opportunity to delve into topics such as the management and monetization of competitive gaming, tournament organisation and hosting, casting for tournaments, and the management of professional teams and players. This emphasis on the business of esports underscores the industry’s potential for growth and economic opportunities.

PGA also aims to bridge the gap between game developers in Africa and gamers themselves. By facilitating connections between these two groups, the event seeks to foster collaboration and innovation within the African gaming ecosystem. This initiative holds great promise for the growth and recognition of African game developers on both local and international stages.

Another crucial aspect of Play Games Africa is its commitment to supporting gaming associations in promoting, connecting, and safeguarding players. The event aims to empower associations to prepare their players for engagement with international brands and facilitate the protection of their interests within the esports landscape. This proactive approach will help African gamers thrive and develop sustainable careers in the industry.

Addressing the international sponsorship of teams and players, ownership, and investment opportunities on African soil is also a significant part of PGA’s agenda. By discussing these topics, the event aims to attract international brands and investors who recognise the untapped potential of the African gaming market. This attention could lead to substantial growth and opportunities for African esports teams and players.

In an exciting move, Play Games Africa will incorporate #AfricaStreamCon into its programme. This addition will feature workshops focused on helping streamers grow their social streaming networks, refine their online charisma, employ strategies to engage their audience, and explore the future of streaming on the African continent. By addressing the streaming aspect of gaming, PGA acknowledges the increasing influence and impact of content creators in the gaming community.

Play Games Africa not only aims to shed light on the growing esports industry but also acts as a platform for players, creators, brands, and sponsors interested in venturing into the Global South. With its comprehensive agenda and high-profile speakers, the event promises to be a prime opportunity to network, share knowledge, and explore exciting possibilities within the African gaming landscape.

As the esports industry continues its upward trajectory, Play Games Africa emerges as a vital gathering that celebrates the vibrancy of African gaming culture and showcases its potential to the world. With its diverse range of activities and its commitment to fostering growth, PGA is poised to make a lasting impact on the African esports scene. So mark your calendars, gaming enthusiasts, because Play Games Africa is an event you won’t want to miss.