July 14, 2024

PlayTourney rebrands to Esports Africa Tournament

AU Esports Connect

African online esports and gaming event management site, PlayTourney have rebranded to Esports Africa Tournament (EAT).

This is according to a rep from the organisation due to copyright issues as the PlayTourney brand is already preowned by another entity.

We got a name change but it’s still the same mission. To provide a competitive gaming platform for Africans to engage and win.

Statement from EAT on their name change

The rep also revealed why the organisation decided on the ‘Esports Africa Tournament’ name stating “We already have Esports Africa News. It just made sense to go back to the name since we’re trying to create an African conglomerate for Africans.”


PlayTourney launched earlier this month and has already held a number of tournaments and events including the PlayTourney FUT Championships, PlayTourney NBA 2K Playoffs and the Online Chess Championships among others.

Despite the name change, Esports Africa Tournament will still be providing gamers with various quality tournament opportunities including play-to-earn and play-to-learn events as well as hosting regular events with locally developed video games.

“From June 22 the platform will host regular events including African developed games from the likes of Leti Arts and Balawayo Studios.” a statement from the organisation read

So if you are a gamer looking for a new platform to host or participate in a tournament then you can visit Esports Africa Tournament’s official website here.