February 29, 2024

XR Innovation Bootcamp kicks off on June 25

XR Innovation

The second edition of Immersive Tech Africa‘s (ITA) XR Innovation Bootcamp is set to kick off on June 25 in Abuja, Nigeria.

The XR Innovation Bootcamp forms part of the ITA’s key initiatives to democratize and support Africa’s adoption, growth and continental-wide development of Extended Reality (XR).

The event is set to feature masterclasses from some of the best and most experienced XR developers on the continent and across the world. The one-day Bootcamp also offers participants the opportunity to have a detailed guide in building their journey and skillsets in VR/AR/WebXR.

Founded back in 2020, Immersive Tech Africa is a creative social community established with the mission to empower underrepresented groups, empowering creatives, newbies and enthusiasts to build their skills and talents in immersive technologies (VR, AR, MR,360VR).

So if you are interested in developing your XR knowledge and are based in Abuja, Nigeria you can register for Immersive Tech Africa’s (ITA) XR Innovation Bootcamp over here.