July 14, 2024

While we did originally announce the arrival of the Fortnite leg of the Mythic Royale in May, the arrival of extended load shedding ensured the start would always be affected.

The African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL) online team went away and discussed the matter internally, and with members of the South African Fortnite community, to come up with a new plan for the winter months that would allow Fortnite players to still be in the money without the constant worry of load shedding affecting the qualifiers.

We’re now ready to get underway with the Mythic Royale for Fortnite.

The TL;DR for those wanting to get to the point:

  • Elo tracking of your duo from 15 June to 1 August
  • Top 40 duos will compete in a R10,000 cash final
  • Weekly cups and custom lobbies with cash prizes and Elo ranking points
  • Matchfinders to compete when you want for cash and Elo ranking
  • Additional prizes for Top 5, giveaways and Community Goals


There is a total of up to R25,000 cash up for grabs thanks to our partners at AntecCrucialMSI and Redragon. The Fortnite tournament for duos will start with a guaranteed prize pool of R20,000, with another R5,000 cash allocated to community goals.

The additional R1,000 cash will be added to the tournament prize pool for each of the following community goals achieved between 15 June and 1 August:

  • A social media reach of one million on #MythicRoyale
  • At least 50 duos on the leaderboard
  • 100 Twitter retweets of the announcement video
  • Over 200 Fortnite match finder matches completed
  • 50 unique users submitting Fortnite clips to the Top 5

We also have a viewer goal for the period of the series. An additional viewer prize will be allocated for the giveaway if 100 concurrent viewers are reached.


Registrations are now open for Mythic Royale, and entry is free. Remember that for every match completed via the ACGL site, players will be rewarded with Embers. These Embers can be used to enter Mythic loot random giveaways. The more you enter, the higher your chances of winning. Each match completed also counts towards progress in our Apocalypse Rebellion season battle pass and the digital rewards on offer.

To follow or talk about the series (as well as ensure community goals are met), please use the campaign hashtag: #MythicRoyale.

For more information about the #MythicRoyale tournament powered by MSI, Antec, Redragon and Crucial, including dates and rules, or the registration page, please visit acgl.co.za/mythic.