July 16, 2024

Prince Jonas confident of representing Ghana at FIFAe Nations Series


Ghanaian esports athlete Prince Jonas is confident he will represent Ghana at this year’s edition of the FIFAe Nations Series.

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) announced a week ago that the country will be giving three gamers the opportunity to represent the nation at the global event after holding the maiden edition of the national qualifying event dubbed the “MA eTrophy.”

The MA eTrophy will be played using the PlayStation 4 (PS4) version of EA Sports FIFA22 and according to Prince, he believes he is the best PS4 FIFA22 player the country has to offer. He was speaking exclusively to EAN.

“Currently FIFA22 I am on form and I am not playing out there that much, I am always playing at home with my personal trainer.”

“With the PlayStation 4 I don’t play PES, the FIFA vs PES, that was the first time I played PES21, I have never played the game but when it comes to FIFA22 on PS4 I think I am the best.”

Prince who won back-to-back victories at the FIFA vs PES Independence Battle held on March 6 and the Independence Day FIFA22 Cup only a day later on March 7 continued to state his belief that he will be one of the three gamers to represent Ghana.

“I have the advantage to do that, it’s my field. So if it’s PS4 then I think I am the one to represent Ghana.”

Below is Prince Jonas’ exclusive interview with EAN: