July 21, 2024

The Esports Association, Ghana (EAG) is currently in talks to appoint a Women’s Commissioner into the executive body of the association.

This was revealed by the President of the EAG, Kwesi Hayford, in an exclusive interview with EAN “We are creating another position for Women’s Commission[er]. The association is made up of different entities and you need to belong to an entity to be picked as [Women’s Commissioner] because it is an executive role.”

Though the EAG President decided not to reveal the name of the individual the association is in contact with to take up the mantle of Women’s Commissioner, he did reveal that they are in the final stages of negotiations and she will be revealed soon.

“So we have a lady who owns a game centre, I think it is one of the very few women who own a gaming hub in Ghana and she has accepted that she will become the Women’s Commissioner or Women’s Organiser. So once her letter has been drafted, she accepts the letter and then we can go ahead and announce.”

The EAG has been making moves to bring more women into the field of esports recently with the hosting of the first-ever all-female esports tournament to the appointment of Doreen Dabi-Diamond as the EAG’s General Secretary and Kwesi is hoping the creation of the Women’s Commissioner will help to bring more female gamers to the sport.


“We believe that we will create more opportunities for women to take up leadership roles in the association,”

“It seems that currently in Africa, Ghana’s female gaming space is growing bigger because of our Queens esports platform we have for girls. So we have ladies coming in and understanding the gaming space.” Kwesi further stated about the emerging female gamer space in the country.

Watch EAN’s interview with EAG President, Kwesi Hayford below: