July 21, 2024

PS5 Slim May Be In the Works At Sony

Sony wants to make the PS5 smaller rather than thin.


According to an update on TheLeak.co, Sony is preparing to announce a new PS5 model in 2023. TheLeak’s report states that the PS5 Slim will be smaller and lighter than the current model. This is to be expected with a hardware refresh.

Despite not being marketed as “thin,” the main goal is to become smaller. It reduces its design via a process called “die shrink.” It runs cooler, consumes less voltage, and is consequently lighter. Sony has made internal adjustments to the PS5, but those have not yet been sufficient to reduce its size.


Additionally, this new design aims to do away with the inconvenient stand that the PS5 must be balanced on when it is lying on its side. To lower shipping and production costs, size and weight reduction is the key goal. The current PS5 would presumably be replaced and phased off by this.

The website further states that Sony will stop producing the PS5 in October FY23 and sell the remaining inventory in November, according to an internal document. Production is expected to begin in April, and the PS5 slim will supposedly go on sale in September FY23.

Even further off, insiders close to the site suggest that the PS5 Pro won’t launch until FY25, however, Sony hasn’t officially announced either the Pro or Slim versions of the console. As a result, you already know the drill: for now, take everything here with a grain of salt.

According to earlier PSU reports, there have been rumours that Sony has obtained 6nm CPUs from TSMC and AMD for usage in future hardware, which could lead to the release of a PS5 Slim or perhaps a Pro model.

The PS5 Slim will reportedly have a small external disc drive that can be attached. This will be possible via an additional USB-C port on the back. Customers have the option of buying the console with or without a disc drive. Since its release in November 2020, the PS5 has now shipped 25 million units globally.