June 22, 2024

Samsung Unveils First 8K Ultrawide Gaming Monitor


Samsung stunning 49-inch Odyssey G9 and Neo G9 displays insufficient for you? Did you feel uneasy in the Odyssey Ark’s 55-inch swivelling cockpit? At its RDNA 3 GPU event, AMD recently disclosed that the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductors and electronics is getting ready to release an unprecedented 8K resolution version of its enormous curved screen.

The only other thing we know for sure at this time is that it will support DisplayPort 2.1. AMD promises that we’ll learn more at CES 2023 in January.


Although the 32:9 aspect ratio of these monitors suggests the screen won’t be a true 8K resolution—for example, the “5K” Odyssey G9 has a height of only 1440 pixels in addition to its astounding 5,120 pixels of width—it would probably represent a significant improvement in vertical space.

A 32:9 “8K” monitor ought to perform better than the 2,160 pixels of current actual 4K, 16:9 monitors. We should observe a height of 2,250 pixels at 8,000 pixels wide and 32:9, thus you should obtain 4K quality or better in that size.

To be certain, however, we’ll have to wait till Samsung discloses some specifications. I hate thinking about how much it will cost: the Neo G9 cost $2,500 when it first launched as opposed to the original’s $1,480 price. At CES 2023 in January, Samsung intends to publicly introduce its “8K” Odyssey G9 display. At CES, we hope to get the whole details for this new ultra-wide gaming display.