February 29, 2024

Riot Games is Gamer Girls Night’s headline sponsor

riot games

Gamer Girls Night In (GGNI), a gaming event in the United Kingdom dedicated exclusively to women and non-binary, has signed Riot Games as its headline gaming sponsor.

The event, presented by Black Girl Gamers and NNESAGA, is set to be held on August 21st at the Samsung KX in London. Both Black Girl Gamers and NNESAGA are companies that focus on promoting diversity in gaming and esports.

According to the event’s official press release, the main objective of Gamer Girls Night In is to enable a safe space for women/non-binary professionals, as well as to provide gamers with opportunities to network, exchange experiences, and celebrate and promote diversity within the industry.

The main game featured in the event will be Riot Games’ Valorant, which will be available for participants to play. Besides gaming, GGNI will also feature panels and attractions on career, fashion, beauty, food and drink.

Riot Games will also make its physical presence known through its Head of Media House – EMEA Esports, Sarah Joynt Borger, who will present a panel titled ‘The Future of Branding’.

In recent years, Riot Games has looked to tackle diversity directly through a variety of campaigns. Perhaps the most notable example is the launch of VALORANT’s Game Changers programme, which is aimed at fostering an esports ecosystem for women and other gender minorities in the sector.

This is the second edition of GGNI, created Jay-Ann Lopez, CEO & Founder of Black Girl Gamers, and Stephanie Ijoma, CEO & Founder of NNESAGA. The first edition was held in January 2020 and secured sponsorship deals with brands like Facebook, Electronic Arts and PlayStation.

Tickets for the event are for sale on Eventbrite. Gamer Girls Night In panels will also be streamed live on YouTube and Twitter.

Source: ESI