July 24, 2024
Solo Esports

Senegalese esports team Senegal Official Legion Of Esport (SOLO) Esports officially announced the signing of Guilty Gear Strive gamer Verix777 yesterday 21st February 2022.

SOLO Esports made the announcement on their official Twitter handle calling Verix777 “an absolute[ly] amazing player” who has had some “pretty good performances on Guilty Gear Strive” and the team is wishing him a successful year.

Solo Esports

Verix777 also responded on his official Twitter handle stating his delight with signing with the team and is looking forward to representing them “I am really happy to announce that I am sponsored. Thanks for [SOLO Esports] giving me this opportunity. Really excited for future offline events.”

The team had initially teased Verix777’s signing back on February 18 stating that “a new Champion joins the ranks of SOLO Esport” calling Verix777 the “best cold-blooded Nagoruyi [player] in the world, no pun intended.”