July 24, 2024

Africa Games Week which is the largest gathering of African Game Developers in the world, with over 150 developers from across the continent gathering in one place, commences today February 23, 2022 and here’s what you can expect to see. The event is hybrid, with a live session at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and a virtual on the event’s platform.

To start off, the live session in Cape Town at the V&A Waterfront will be recorded and reshared during the virtual sessions on subsequent days. The Live Sessions will see a number of events and seminars including:

  • ‘Serious games, serious business, serious opportunities – Setting context’
  • Game Education Across Africa
  • Developing the African Gaming Ecosystem long-term: Cooperation between Africa and Europe
  • Indie Games are Exclusionary
  • The Johana Riquier Show & Gamerging
  • Finding Sponsors and Getting Paid (How to Make Money from Livestreaming)
  • Streaming Gear to Enhance your stream and using the right Streaming Channels
  • GAEL LEVEL – Streaming Workshop
  • Why are serious games important for learning, in an African and global context?
  • XBOX GAME STUDIOS – Chris Douglas – Gaming as a Career & Launch of Microsoft Game Camp 2022

Participants can also expect the top 10 Africa Gaming Studios coming under one umbrella to launch the Pan Africa Gaming Group.

Haven’t purchased your tickets yet? It’s still not too late.