February 29, 2024

The launch of the Pan Africa Gaming Group (PAAG) at the Africa Games Week will blaze trail for events that aim to grow the African Gaming industry every year due to the rapid growth of youth with Internet-connected smartphones on the continent.

The Group launched today, with 10 companies unveiled the Africa Games Week 2022 event in Cape Town, South Africa.

The group, which represents 10 African countries, is made up of the following:

General manager of Qene Games and spokesperson for PAGG, Dawit Abraham, said the Group was created to allow the Africa Gaming Industry to unlock the next billion players.

The studios coming together will still maintain their sovereignty and autonomy when it comes to things such as brand, leadership and financial independence. However, the founders look to work together in agreement for new resolutions called the founders council.

Peter Kihara, formerly with Goldman Sachs and PwC will join Jake Manion, who is the BAFTA nominated Game Director at Aardman Animation in UK, as group creative director. The PAGG will be led by an independent gaming company with Founders across the continent.

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PAGG is already in the process of training Africa’s next generation of game developers and making the youth more active on the continent. The Nairobi Game Development Center which is a space of 6,000 square feet will allow several players in each of the African markets, to train, incubate and host the next generation of talent.

Manager of Leti Arts, Eyram Tawia highlighted one of the group’s key values which is not to build a collection of games, but rather, to incubate Africas gaming industry of tomorrow. According to Mr Tawia, there are a lot of incredible talent already on the continent.