July 17, 2024

South African Gamers Celebrate as VALORANT Servers Go Live


Gamers across South Africa are rejoicing today as VALORANT, the popular tactical shooter developed by Riot Games, officially launched its servers in the region. The highly anticipated launch promises a smoother gaming experience with sub-20 ping, a dream come true for South African players who previously had to contend with higher latency on international servers.

This momentous occasion, announced by Riot Games’ Senior Vice President and Executive Producer, Anna Donlon, back on August 17, marks a significant milestone for the South African gaming community. Riot Games, known for its commitment to enhancing the gaming experience, partnered with mobile game publisher Carry1st to enable these servers.

Spencer Ma, the Growth Lead at Carry1st, shared insights into the collaborative effort that brought VALORANT’s servers to South Africa. In an interview with NAG, Ma expressed his gratitude to Riot Games, saying, “It was a huge collaboration with our partners at Riot Games, who we have to thank wholeheartedly. They’ve been incredibly supportive throughout this whole process and are ultimately the ones responsible for activating the server.”

One of the most exciting developments that have emerged from the launch is the benefit it brings to neighbouring countries. While the primary focus of the marketing campaign is South Africa, Ma revealed, “We’ve also heard that players in neighbouring countries have been able to enjoy lower ping speeds, which has been great news.” This expansion of improved connectivity is likely to foster a stronger gaming community in the region.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Carry1st is planning various events, both online and in person, in the coming months. Gamers can anticipate thrilling tournaments, exclusive giveaways, and opportunities to connect with fellow VALORANT enthusiasts.

One of the standout events on the horizon is Carry1st’s participation in Comic Con Africa, scheduled from September 22nd to 25th in Johannesburg. This convention promises an immersive experience for attendees, offering not only the chance to learn more about VALORANT but also to participate in exciting tournaments. Ma encouraged gamers to attend, stating, “Carry1st will be hosting a number of events, both online and in person, over the next couple of months to celebrate this occasion. For starters, we’ll be at Comic Con Africa at the end of September in Johannesburg, so if you’re coming, please visit us!”

As South African gamers bask in the joy of low-latency gameplay and neighbouring nations benefit from improved connectivity, the launch of VALORANT servers in South Africa is undoubtedly a landmark moment in the region’s gaming history. Riot Games and Carry1st’s collaboration has ushered in a new era for competitive gaming, promising an exciting future for gamers across South Africa and beyond. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development from Carry1st’s social channels as the celebration continues.