February 28, 2024

STEAMFest 2022 is an event organised by PM STEAM Educational Center which is aimed at showcasing organisations and their activities related To Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts And Mathematics (STEAM). The event gives students the opportunity to have hands-on experience with STEAM activities.

The festival will see different organisations present to provide activities that help groom children’s Logical Thinking, Problem-Solving, Experimentation And Communication Skills. For adults looking to start their tech journey, STEAMFest provides that opportunity.

Given the exponential growth of Esports in Ghana and in Africa, Esports Africa News will be present to educate patrons about the billion-dollar budding industry and it’s numerous advantages and prospects.

About PM STEAM Educational Center

PM STEAM Educational Center is an educational hub focused on promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts(fine arts) and Mathematics (STEAM) education.

They believe STEAM helps prepare people for practicality in the real world, regardless the career path one chooses.

The center is currently running the STEAM fair, PM STEAM Academy, STEAM coaching and promoting use of STEAM Resources at home.