April 25, 2024

Yesterday, December 13, Ghana’s team for the 2022 Global Esports Games (GEG), which are organised by the Global Esports Federation (GEF), departed for İstanbul, Turkey, the host city.

The three-person delegation, which includes gamers Scrappy and MBO who will compete for Ghana in Street Fighter and eFootball, respectively, and Herbert Henry Krakue, Director of Marketing and Business Development for the Esports Association, Ghana (EAG), departed the nation at 18:00 GMT on their quest to bring glory to the West African nation.

Team Ghana delegation for the 2022 GEG – MBO (left), Herbert Henry Krakue (middle) and Scrappy (right)

MBO, real name Joshua Cudjoe, expressed his pride in representing his country at the international event in an exclusive interview with EAN before departing, saying: “It is a dream come true to me. Where I come from, it is very difficult to get to that highest level, and whilst I am there, I am there to show them something.”

The eFootball gamer went on to discuss his goals and objectives for the competition, saying “I have prepared very well, and training has been very easy, so I am going there to show them what I can do.”

“I am just going there to win, that is all. I am going there to win and show them that there are very talented people in Africa, and I am one of them,” MBO further stated.

Also speaking exclusively to EAN, Herbert Henry Krakue praised the team. “Scrappy has been in the game for a very long time; I mean, in the whole of Ghana, no one can beat him in Street Fighter, and he has won tournaments upon tournaments, and anytime he goes for tournaments, the boys don’t want to play because Scrappy is around, so Scrappy is top notch.”

“With MBO, he came onto the scene over the past 2 years, and in his third tournament, which was the Global Esports Games Qualifiers, he advanced to the finals and claimed his slot in the 2022 Global Esports Games. He also participated in the IeSF World Esports Championship Qualifiers, where he finished in second place after losing in the finals.”

The EAG Director of Marketing and Business Development also took the time to thank the supporters of Team Ghana including their title sponsor Gamr Africa saying: “I want to say a very big thank you for the support of these names that I am about to mention, I mean they have been very supportive to the Esports Association, Ghana. The CEO of the Ghana Esports Federation, Mr. Ben Koblah, and a very big thank you to the Chairman of the Ghana Esports Federation, Mr. Harry Aboagye, as well as a very big shoutout to our title sponsor, Gamr Africa.”

The 2022 Global Esports Games (GEG), which is set to take place from December 15–17 in İstanbul, Turkey, is the second edition of the competition, with the first taking place in Singapore back in 2021. The event brings together the best gamers from the GEF’s Member Federations as they battle in DOTA 2, eFootball™ 2023, PUBG Mobile and Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.