July 14, 2024
FIFAe Squad

One of the main goals for this FIFAe season is the desire to interact more with the community – and recognise the importance of making sure that it involves people from all backgrounds.

With that in mind, FIFAe launched the ‘FIFAe Squad,’ a group of personalities and creators that have the opportunity to make content on the FIFAe platforms, grow and be supported by the esports community, and have chances for potential career progression later down the line. 

The programme appreciates all the committed and hard-working individuals within the scene already, and FIFA wanted to push this narrative further by providing a chance for a new, diverse FIFAe approach that will provide even more opportunities for inclusivity in the community. 

A variety of initiatives were launched or will be launched involving the FIFAe Squad:

FIFAe Squad Show

For the Playoffs, the FIFAe squad members Kacee, FIFAAnalyst, ChuBoi and Mike LaBelle held watch-along parties through some of the most important club and national team Livestreams on their road to the FIFAe Finals on the FIFAe Twitch channel and FIFAe Facebook Live

FIFAe Remix Challenge

To build the bridge between music and esports, the FIFAe Remix Challenge enabled up-and-coming artists to create their own FIFAe sonic remix. The community and expert panels decided on the winner of JJ Paulo: 33% via a community vote, 33% via a music expert panel and 33% via a FIFAe panel consisting of squad members such as Spencer Owen and Kacee Anderson.

FIFAe Finals on-site activities

Multiple FIFAe squad members will join the broadcast team for the FIFAe Finals, fulfilling their careers and bringing the ultimate FIFA esports event to the community. Squad members like Mike Labelle, Spencer Owen and many more will be a part of the on-site crew. Additional squad members will be on-site for meet & greet sessions, live reporter roles and more – stay tuned as detailed information will be revealed soon!

Democratised distribution model

To provide the global community with personalised feeds in their respective languages, the FIFAe Finals will also be shown on different channels. Passionate creators from all around the world will Livestream the entire events or parts of the event onto their channels. You can also apply now to receive this year’s FIFAe Finals feed and stream it to your own channels – click here.

Women’s initiatives

Building the community to be more inclusive, FIFAe is engaging more with women’s initiatives, featuring stories from women within the scene on International Women’s Day. A dedicated workshop is also planned for the FIFAe Finals, where knowledge of the women in the scene around content, health and competition will be shared, as well as information about challenges women face and how FIFAe can support them moving forward.

For more information please reach out to [email protected].

A big thank you to all the current members and their involvement so far!

Kacey ‘CHI_Kacee’ Anderson

Mike LaBelle

Chukwuma ‘ChuBoi’ Morah

Alex ‘FIFAAnalyst’ Bodin

Ivan ‘BorasLegend’ Lapanje

Nate ‘NatePTK’ Patrick

Connor ‘BuckArmy’ Buckley

Alan ‘AlanAvi’ Avila

Sam ‘Tech Girl’ Wright 

Clara ‘Giocanella’ Canella

Lisa Manley

August ‘Agge’ Rosenmeier 

Shauna ‘ShaunaGames’ Ward

Matteo ‘RiberaRibell’ Ribera

Tom ‘XLTom’ Leese 

Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing

Sandra ‘Sannkhs’ Martinez

Niklas ‘NikLugi’ Luginsland

Benedikt Saltzer

Spencer Owen

Abdoulaye Sarr

Jamie ‘Jamodo’ O’Doherty 

Mark ‘Onset’ Hatcher

Danny ‘R9Rai’ Rai

Nello ‘HOLLYWOOD285’ Nigro

Mossad ‘MSDossary’ Aldossary

Muhammad Aiman bin Roshizam

Bruce Grannec

Mohamed ‘MoAuba’ Harkous

Brandon Smith

Source: FIFAe