July 14, 2024

Kenyan esports organisation, Pro Series Gaming (PSG), is set to hold the Qualifiers for their Mortal Kombat (MK) 11 tournament dubbed “PSG Fatalis” on July 9 at the NRG Studios in Nairobi, Kenya.

The competition is set to see gamers take each other on in a 1on1 battle as they look to claim not only the title of PSG Fatalis champion but a yet-to-be-announced prize pool.

Below are the General Rules for the upcoming competition;

– Kombatants should register before the deadline for registration ends

– Kombatants should not double register

– Kombatants should observe and keep time on the tournament day. Note that the tournament will start on time as scheduled

– Kombatants should handle equipment that shall be provided by the tournament organizer with care (screens, controllers etc)

– Kombatants carrying their own equipment should alert the tournament administrator on-site to avoid loss and confusion of such

– Kombatants are not thieves

– Kombatants will observe rules within the walls where the tournament will be held at each moment

– Kombatants will be respectful toward each other

– Online delay will be turned off

– Matches will be based on 1st to 3 or best of 5 (which loosely translates to the first kombatant to win 3 matches is the winner of that set or if both kombatants win 2 matches each, the kombatant who wins the 3rd match is the winner)

– Coaching is allowed but only at the end of a round or when the kombatants are still on the select screen

– Character lock will be ON (meaning the player who wins cannot select a different character not unless they lose the round

So if you are a gamer and you are interested in taking on other MK 11 gamers in a series of intense battles for the PSG Fatalis crown, you can register for the upcoming competition here.