June 22, 2024

VALORANT South African Servers to Go Live on August 31


In an eagerly awaited announcement, Riot Games, the masterminds behind the wildly popular tactical shooter VALORANT, have confirmed that dedicated servers for South Africa will finally go live on August 31, 2023. This revelation came through the VALORANT Africa Twitter handle, igniting a wave of excitement among the region’s gaming community.

“Looks like we have a confirmation on the date the servers go live: 31 August, 2023!!” read the tweet, sending ripples of jubilation across the South African gaming landscape. The confirmation brought an end to a period of anticipation that began back on August 17, when Anna Donlon, Senior Vice President and Executive Producer on VALORANT, took to Twitter to announce the imminent arrival of local servers.

“Hello, South Africa!! We know it’s been a long wait, but the time has finally come to bring local servers your way! More info coming soon,” Anna Donlon tweeted.

This announcement marks a significant milestone for South African VALORANT enthusiasts who, until now, had to endure the challenges of competing on servers situated in far-off cities like Frankfurt, Paris, and London. These long-distance connections often resulted in frustratingly high ping rates, sometimes exceeding 110 milliseconds. The consequence? An undeniable disadvantage in gameplay, with lag and synchronisation issues consistently hindering the performance of South African gamers.  

The arrival of dedicated local servers promises to level the playing field. Gone are the days of battling against opponents with superior network conditions. With these new servers, South African players can finally experience a smoother, more responsive gameplay environment. This development is set to usher in a new era of fairness and competition, where success in VALORANT is determined by skill, strategy, and teamwork rather than geographical location.

Gamers from the region have long yearned for this moment, as they now have the opportunity to showcase their talents on an even footing. No longer will technical hindrances hold them back. The newfound parity is expected to unleash a wave of untapped gaming prowess, potentially catapulting South Africa into the global VALORANT spotlight.  

The significance of this milestone goes beyond just an improved gaming experience. With a more equitable competitive environment, South African players are poised to make their mark on the global stage. The VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) awaits, and this is the chance for South Africa to shine. The nation’s esports community is buzzing with excitement as they prepare to take their rightful place among the world’s best VALORANT players.

As August 31 approaches, South Africa’s VALORANT community is counting down the days, eager to step onto their own dedicated servers and redefine the competitive landscape. With Riot Games’ commitment to providing a top-tier gaming experience, it’s safe to say that South Africa is about to make a resounding entrance into the world of esports, and August 31, 2023, will be the day it all begins.