January 27, 2023

Checkmate.live partners with ARESF


Checkmate.live, the Web3 esports-first chess tournament and broadcast platform from Australia-based VADR Media, has announced a partnership with the Arab Esports Federation (ARESF).

According to Checkmate.live, the partnership will see the platform become the ARESF’s official online chess platform, as well as its data and broadcast partner.

The federation will be able to broadcast regular online esports chess competitions as a result of this agreement, as well as gain access to Checkmate.live’s AI anti-cheat and integrity tool.


Checkmate.live bills itself as an esports-first professional chess media company that organises and broadcasts online events. The Web3 platform aims to provide opportunities to compete for cash, credits, and in-game items.

The platform is also a member of the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) and uses anti-cheat software to assure fair play in online competitive chess.

“The Arab Esports Federation is delighted to partner with Checkmate and wholeheartedly supports their vision of improving the integrity of the online game and promoting it as both an esport and sport.” said ARESF Secretary General Hisham Al Taher.

“Online chess is not a sports simulation; it’s a natural extension of the over-the-board game. A game that brings with it many positive benefits, including higher female participation than esports, cognitive and mental improvements for players, good sportsmanship and brand safety for stakeholders.”

Chess is becoming increasingly popular in the esports space as more tournaments are held online. After more and more prominent content creators jumped on the trend, the game skyrocketed in popularity on Twitch last year.