July 21, 2024

In a thrilling development for gamers across the African continent, Call of Duty: Mobile (COD:M) has expanded its horizons, opening the door for gamers in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, and Ghana to purchase COD Points through Carry1st Shop. This exciting announcement was made via the official Call of Duty: Mobile Twitter account, now known as X, which stated, “We’re excited to announce that COD:M players in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, and Ghana can now purchase COD Points on Carry1st Shop!” Additionally, players can enjoy up to a 10% discount on all products and take advantage of local payment methods.

This announcement marks a significant milestone for the gaming community in Africa, a region that has been steadily growing in the esports scene. Call of Duty: Mobile, a wildly popular first-person shooter, has a massive global player base, and this move to make COD Points accessible in these countries is sure to excite and engage the local gaming communities.

By making COD Points available on Carry1st Shop, players can now enhance their gaming experience and enjoy all the in-game perks that these points offer, including the ability to unlock unique skins, weapons, and other premium content. This development is set to revolutionise the in-game experience for African gamers and bring them closer to the global CODM community.

One of the most exciting aspects of this announcement is the introduction of local payment methods, which will make it easier and more convenient for players to purchase COD Points. This means that gamers in Africa can now utilise the payment methods they are familiar with, eliminating any hurdles that may have previously deterred them from enhancing their in-game experience.

Additionally, the up to 10% discount on all products will undoubtedly sweeten the deal for players in the region. This discount provides a cost-effective way for gamers to level up their gaming experience without breaking the bank.

The impact of this development goes beyond the individual player. It strengthens the African gaming community as a whole, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion in the global esports landscape. Gamers in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, and Ghana now have the same opportunities as their peers in other parts of the world to fully immerse themselves in the Call of Duty: Mobile universe.

The local gaming scene will likely witness a surge in enthusiasm, and local esports tournaments and events may see a boost in participation. With more players gaining access to COD Points, the competitive aspect of the game is bound to heat up, as everyone will be vying for supremacy and recognition on the global stage.