June 25, 2024

EA Sports Unveils EAFC Pro: A New Era in Football Esports


EA Sports has redefined the landscape of football esports with the launch of EA Sports FC Pro (EAFC Pro). This new global esports ecosystem is set to revolutionise competitive gaming, offering football gaming enthusiasts an unprecedented opportunity to showcase their skills and passion for the sport. EAFC Pro is the next evolution of the FIFA franchise, following the termination of EA Sports’ longstanding partnership with FIFA’s governing body last year.

EAFC Pro is not just another esports circuit; it’s a comprehensive platform designed to nurture talent and elevate players to the pinnacle of professional gaming. The ecosystem comprises two major components: the FC Pro Open and the FC Pro Leagues.

Kicking off in October 2023 and concluding in February 2024, the FC Pro Open competition is the first step on the path to becoming a professional esports player. Gamers from ten regions across the globe will compete fiercely for a slice of the $1 million cumulative prize pool. This open competition is where talents emerge and dreams take flight.

Sam Turkbas, Senior Director and Commissioner of Football Esports at EA, expressed his excitement about EAFC Pro, saying, “FC Pro will redefine the way our millions of Ultimate Team players engage with EA Sports FC. In collaboration with our League Partners, our season-long FC Pro journey is the ultimate platform for our Ultimate Team enthusiasts to showcase their passion for FC.”

Come February 2024, the FC Pro Leagues will take centre stage, presented in collaboration with football powerhouses like the Premier League, Bundesliga, and Major League Soccer (MLS). This five-month extravaganza not only offers substantial prize money but also serves as a gateway to the season-ending FC Pro World Championship.

June 2024 will witness the culmination of the EAFC Pro season with the FC Pro World Championship. Thirty-two elite players, including four from the FC Pro Open and twenty-eight from the FC Pro Leagues, will vie for a share of the $1 million prize pool and the prestigious title of FC Pro World Champion. The intensity and drama of this event promise to captivate gaming and football enthusiasts worldwide.

In addition to EAFC Pro, EA Sports has confirmed the return of the eChampions League competition in 2024. While specific details about this event have not been disclosed yet, fans can expect high-stakes competition and top-tier gameplay.