July 24, 2024

EAN Partners STEM Fuse to provide Esports education in Africa

Esports Africa News(EAN) has partnered STEM Fuse, a digital K-12 curriculum provider specializing in STEM( Science Technology Engineering and Maths) education to bring structured esports education to schools across Africa.

Founded in 2009, STEM Fuse courses are currently being taught in over 15,000 schools across the United States in the areas of science, and CTE curriculum solutions, this Esports Africa News views as a great opportunity for African schools.

Speaking on the partnership, Gabriel Sikanku, CoFounder of Esports Africa News mentioned that it is imperative African schools catch up on STEM Fuse’s esports training.

He stated that “with the rise of interest in the Internet of Things (IoT), Web 3, the metaverse, game development and esports, it is important that the right information and structured training is provided to help guide and develop further interest,”

“Esports is competitive play of video games online or at LAN events. In the last couple of years there has been an increase in interest in esports and how it is shaping education around the world. Many colleges and universities in Europe, Asia, America are now offering full scholarships to students to study, participate and form esports clubs,”

“Though Africa may be slow in the exciting trend, there are many sparks of hope and development around the continent. Why we have jumped on board with STEM Fuse to aid African schools to set up workshops for their students to participate in.”

Schools can register though this link