April 22, 2024

GamerGirlNica reigns supreme over rival in Ultimate Battle fixture


In yesterday’s Ultimate Battle FIFA 22 contest, Monica “GamerGirlNica” Mensah Sefakor of Team Falcon GH triumphed over Edwina “Kindermädchen” Nana Bediako of Team Osmos.

GamerGirlNica solidified her position as one of Ghana’s best female FIFA gamers with a victory over an opponent she knows well and regards highly, as she named Kindermädchen as one of her top ten female Ghanaian FIFA gamers.

GamerGirlNica kicked off the first match of the best of five Ultimate Battle contest with a dominant win, thrashing Kindermädchen 5-3 in the eight-goal thriller.

The second match saw the spoils shared between the two gamers who showed no signs of backing down, taking the match into extra time at the end of a 5-all draw. GamerGirlNica would go on to win the game 7-6 at the end of extra time.

Kindermädchen hoped to keep the game alive when she fought back from a losing position in the third game, going from 2-5 down to a commanding 6-5 lead. However, GamerGirlNica had no plans of losing her streak of consecutive wins and came back to win the game 6-7 in the dying minutes of the game.

GamerGirlNica would secure her victory with a flawless 3-0 victory over her rival in the best of five Ultimate Battle fixtures, which is organised by PlayProvince in collaboration with the Esports Association, Ghana (EAG) and supported by Esports Africa News (EAN) and the Otium Game Hub.

by Bertram Jude Buckman