July 17, 2024

The last edition of ‘The Golden Hour’ saw GL Legends win the trophy making them targets for the new tournament beginning on the 4th of December 2021. The players who won for team GL Legends are competing on the ticket of Play Province for this edition of the tournament and the plot thickens as King Lukaku and his counterpart look to win it again on a different team.The 2v2 competition, organised by Giiks game city who are also organisers of PES vs FIFA, aims to allow gamers to inculcate the habit of teamwork.

“Our focus this time around, as Giiks game city is not about building individual gaming abilities, but having our gamers appreciate teamwork”, Solomon Osei, a rep for Giiks game city said.Currently, GL Legends have all the bragging rights and with the other 15 teams eyeing their spot have to prove themselves as champions and go for the double.Speaking to Bigups, a representative of Play Province, he said the other teams already know about them and that they should watch out for their defence.

Most of the teams are here to win and that poses a big threat to the defending champions.Will another team take up the mantle as the new champion of the ‘Golden Hour’ tournament, or will GL Legend retain their title? The time has come to prove that.