April 21, 2024

Ghanaian esports gaming hub Otium is looking to develop its own FIFA esports team with its upcoming FIFA22 tournament to be held on March 26 at the gaming hub’s premises in East Legon, Accra.

This was revealed by the hub’s manager John Ankrah who was speaking exclusively to EAN “We are trying to gather some good esports players so that we use them in hosting a global series where they will be playing against Nigeria, South Africa, Europe to put Ghana on the map.”


“Actually we have hosted two tournaments and we got a very good player and he has been winning all the time and we are trying to see if there is any other good player so that we can have a group that can represent Ghana.”

This seems to be in line with Otium Gaming Hub’s Ukrainian owner’s vision for the company which according to John is the bring Ghana to the global esports stage.

“He was researching into Africa seeing how Africans are into esports [globally] but he saw that it was only South Africa and Egypt that was into esports [globally]. So he wanted to bring Ghana to the world, to the global series.”

“He decided to make a gaming hub to train a lot of gamers into FIFA and any of the event games so that they can go globally and play with international people, earn money and put Ghana on the map.”

Otium is currently looking to build a 5-member FIFA team and according to the gaming hub’s manager, they are looking for gamers who will be able to work and grow together.

“Yes, Otium is trying to form its own esports team, for now, we are looking for five players that can play together, share information, share their strategies on how they play so that when they go into the real tournament with the other countries they can help themselves to win the cup and bring it home.”

Otium’s FIFA22 tournament is set to kick off on March 26 at the gaming hub’s premises in East Legon, Accra.