April 25, 2024
sayo owolabi

Two years after founding the Lagos Esports Forum (LESF), Sayo Owolabi has been making a name for himself not only in the African esports space but globally as well.

Just a year after the LESF’s founding, the Nigerian esports administrator would be appointed by the Global Esports Federation (GEF) as a member of the federation’s Education, Culture & Youth as well as the International Relations & Development Commissions.

2021 would also see Sayo appointed as the Secretary General of the GEF’s Africa Esports Development Federation (AEDF), making the Lagos Esports Forum (LESF) President one of the continent’s biggest voices in esports.

And as one of the continent’s biggest voices, Sayo has, as such, been invited to a myriad of events, including the OAL Sports Business and Development Summit, West Africa’s first edition of the b.creative Conference, and even representing the GEF at the International Telecommunication Union‘s (ITU) Generation Connect Global Youth Summit, among others.

Sayo will also be one of the speakers at the maiden edition of the esports and gaming Next World Forum, set to be held from September 7-8 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Speaking about his achievements, Sayo Owolabi said, “When I got into esports at the height of the lockdown in May 2020, we (Lagos Esports Forum) started with the Esports Conversation, but I still did not assume I knew it all. I registered and attended several webinars, conferences, and sessions virtually just to understand more.”

“Interestingly, most of these were at odd hours because of the time difference between WAT and other regions. This wasn’t a deterrent as the quest for knowledge far outweighs “burning the midnight candle” for a cause I had, in such a short time, grown to be passionate about.”

“Over time, through diligent pursuit, hard work, and an overdose of GRACE, I became a voice for Africa on the global stage. 13 virtual conferences/webinars, 5 international media features, 3 lectures at top-rated institutions, and 1 live summit after its been an impactful ride.”

So what’s next for the hard-working esports administrator? Well, according to him, he will not be slowing down as he works to develop the sport on the continent “And we are not stopping yet as we have just begun,” Sayo said.

“There are more grounds to cover, especially in Africa, and brick by brick, we will build it. From esports education, talent development, and exploration of the entire value chain. The esports vision transcends just the gameplay!”