February 28, 2024

Final Fantasy creator talks about possible PC release and sequel for Fantasian

Fantasian has received a fair amount of love from Final Fantasy fans since its exclusive Apple Arcade release back in 2021. With this, there have understandably been requests for things like a PC port of Fantasian as well as a sequel to help further expand upon the game’s story.

As reported by outlets like VGC, it seems like these subjects of discussion have officially reached the likes of Final Fantasy creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi. At the Magic 2023 festival in Monaco, Sakaguchi took part in a Q&A session during which he was asked about future plans for Fantasian.

To this, Sakaguchi remarked that, “We have received many requests to release the game on PC too, and there have also been requests for a sequel, so we would like to continue working as hard as possible to meet their expectations.”

While this isn’t a guarantee that either will happen, it’s always nice to hear that fan requests have been taken notice of, in addition to Sakaguchi’s emphasis on how the team will continue to work hard to meet player expectations.

Fantasian screenshot showing the game's diorama scenery with a house surrounded by lush green forest
© Mistwalker

For those unfamiliar, Fantasian was developed by Sakaguchi’s studio Mistwalker and features turn-based RPG gameplay with two chapters and a new soundtrack from Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. It features many unique elements including a blend of art styles with characters and monsters designed as 3D sprites and set amid real-world diorama backgrounds. 

Speaking with the outlet Video Games Chronicles in 2021, Sakaguchi went so far as to say that Fantasian could be his final project. Keeping that in mind, and the work put into the game, it’ll be interesting to see moving forward if Fantasian does in fact get a PC release, along with whether or not the game gets a proper sequel.